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Drain cleaning

Probably the most common cause of serious clogs is tree roots which can penetrate sewer lines that run from the house to the street via joints or cracks. A thoroughly clogged sewage pipe can cause backups in all of a home's drains. New technology is opening these lines faster. Particularly impressive are high-pressure tools that jet water at more than inch down sewer lines to open stubborn clogs. Our professional UES Plumbing and Drainplumbers can help you resolve your clogged drain problems today!

A visual inspection of the inside of your drain/sewer pipes, helping to pinpoint areas that may cause problems, the pipe locator can locate the source of the problem and the expert can provide to you the best solution how to solve it. With UES Plumbing and Drain’s professional we are able to locate, identify and resolve any clogged drain you have!